Saturday, January 2, 2016

This title is not required to make any sense whatsoever

Welcome to 2016, motherfuckers. Keep your hands inside the ride at all times and don't forget to buckle up.

My favorite holiday is New Year's Day. Think about it, we just survived the planet doing a tilt-a-whirl of around 1000/MPH (1600/KMH for my foreign friends), while also being hurled through space at about 67,000/MPH (well over 100k/KPH) for almost 8800 hours straight! That is one hell of a fucking ride. And you did all that travelling while loving, crying, fucking, fighting, eating, shitting, saying goodbye to people you love, welcoming new people into your life, and otherwise making something out of this ride. You, my friend, are a badass motherfucker.

And yesterday, the ride started all over again.

This is your in-between
TGB and I spent yesterday on the couch watching football. There was a coordinator on the Notre Dame sideline that I swear was last seen living on the air in Cincinnati.

Notre Dame DC, Brian VanGorder
I am not an Ohio State fan, but TGB is so whenever they play I actively cheer for them. So long as they aren't playing USC. My beautiful bride is content to not cheer against USC when they play... mostly. So, you know, that's cool or whatever. I love her more is what I'm saying.

2016 is going be awesome.

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