Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This song has been on a loop in my head

I was reading a thing about Bill Cosby this morning and I got to thinking, what if Bill had died a few years ago, before any of his rape-y tendencies became national news? 

All these (really old, hard lived) famous people are dying  and social media is shocked! SHOCKED!

But what if they died before we had a chance to learn heinous things about them? How do we know them, really? We don't. We know their art, sure, but we don't know the human being that they were. How do we know Glenn Frey didn't run a secret puppy mill for all of his best recipes? How do we know Lemmy didn't secretly knit Justin Bieber sweaters? How do we know David Bowie wasn't born with it, maybe it was Maybelline?

We can't know. We can only know what they shared with us, or what they got caught doing.

When Bill Cosby dies I wonder how many comedian friends of mine are going to credit Bill as an influence. How many of us will have the conviction to say, yeah he was a rapist and, in hindsight, Bill Cosby: Himself seems like a sick joke on us (pun never, ever intended) but, that Dad Is Great bit is still one I sing to my own kids whenever I serve them breakfast cake.

Hell, I don't have kids and I still do that bit whenever I serve myself cake. Until I remember he's a rapist. Then I am sad and I put the cake down.

And I have Oreos instead.

Titty sprinkles!

I miss California

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