Thursday, January 28, 2016

This is all just word vomit

Time for the annual reminder of why I do this... because, obviously, reading the descriptor over to the right is difficult.

Dis right here say...
I sometimes feel like some of you readers expect something good everyday. Expect rubbish because that is what I set out to give you from the get go. Then, when you occasionally get something awesome from me it will feel like I really love you. That is how dysfunctional relationships are supposed to work!

Also, I've consolidated all my short stories to one page within dribble: go here.

I'm not saying those are any better than your usual fare here but, at least I tried. I want my fucking participation trophy.

When I started doing this not quite a year and a half ago I really had zero idea or expectations. I never expected anyone to read my word vomit, let alone get cranky when I had the audacity to forget. I certainly exceeded all of my own expectations when my readership went up from the original two to the almost seven (give or take) I have now. So thank you all for that. Really.

Finally, a family member of a friend has had a shit tragedy hit them so I am sharing their gofundme page right here. I don't know these people, I just know that this is one of the most heartbreaking things any human being could ever have to endure. In a nutshell, a house fire took three children from this family. Give if the spirit moves you:

I had a request for some French shit to replace my usual Titty Sprinkles sign off. First of all, this isn't fucking request hour on WKRP. Second off, it's French. I may as well sign off with Unwashed Swarthiness. 

Unwashed Titty Swarthiness Sprinkles! 

(That's called a compromise, boys and girls)

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