Friday, January 22, 2016

Overlap is not just an Ani DeFranco song

Woke this morning to tornado warnings. Weird. I miss the days when earthquakes would just nudge me awake, no warning. It was California's way of saying, hey, you awake? HEYYYY!! Oh, did I wake you?

I don't know if Amy Schumer stole jokes.

Let me preface this by saying the following: I cannot stand her stand-up. I love Trainwreck. I think some of the skits on her show are brilliant. I have no idea what jokes of hers are purportedly stolen.

I do know that her stand-up is not exactly original in theme. The dating and dick jokes have been done to death and by much better comediennes. Because most of her themes are not new and her perspective isn't all that original, it's hard to imagine that she hasn't inadvertently done some bits in ways that others have done them.

There are only so many ways you can do a dick joke.

And sometimes two (or three or a million) people will have a similar idea apropo of nothing else.

I was channel surfing one night and a commercial for Girls Gone Wild came on. I had a moment of inspiration. I pulled out my notepad and word vomited, I used to be able to rub on out in the time time it took for a GGW commercial to play out. Now I just want to give these little girls a sweater and smack their dads for not hugging them enough. That lead to an entire bit on the difference between a grown ass woman and little girls who think they're women and how I now prefer women and not girls.

I worked the bit at a couple of open mics. It was funny.

A fucking week later Chewed Up came out. And I watched with a mixture of sadness and, holy shit, maybe I am pretty good at this after all as Louis did a bit about the difference between women and girls that was so very similar to my bit. Enough so that I had to retire my bit before it got a chance to really live. Also, Louis just fucking does it better.

Do I think Louis watched my open mic, stole my bit, went back in time and added it to his special? No. I know better. I know that sometimes two (or three or a million) people will have a similar idea. If those two people happen to be in comedy, well, you'll have some overlap.

I give Amy Schumer the benefit of the doubt. Unless we're talking about some wholesale Denis Leary shit, I am willing to write it off as shit happens.

Titty sprinkles!

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