Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey tacky thing

There's a scene in Out of Africa where Iman can do nothing to help the man she loves as he dies. I thought about that scene this morning when I read that David Bowie died.

Of course, I also thought of The Breakfast Club.

And the first album I ever stole.

I even thought about Freddie Mercury.

Then I listened to the last song David Bowie made a video for and I really thought about Freddie Mercury. Lazarus reminded me of the last couple of songs Queen released on The Show Must Go On just before Freddie died. Like Freddie, I am sure David knew he was dying while working on the record. Like Freddie, he said goodbye on his terms.

There is nothing more rock-n-roll than going out on one's own terms.

I don't grieve David Bowie. I didn't know him to grieve him. That's a privilege for those who loved him intimately and everyday when he wasn't creating art for the rest of us. Let's be honest, until a few days ago when the new record came out, most of us hadn't thought much about Bowie.

For me, the music is the thing. That's still here. That will never die.

My sadness is for the wife who lost a husband, the daughter who lost a father and the friends who lost one of their own.

In 1981 I wanted to be Freddie Mercury.

Then 1983 happened and I wanted to be the dapper motherfucker in this video.

Titty sprinkles!

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