Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do you smell that, San Diego?

This is a football post.

The Chargers aren't moving to LA. Maybe. We don't know. They have to decide by March. Unless they don't. Then they have to decide by January.

Hi, I met someone else and I think we should break up. 

Umm, okay?

But I need to live with you a little longer because his place isn't ready yet. 

What? No! 

Just a couple of months, please.


I think I still love you and might want to stay forever. 


 I dunno. I just visited him for the weekend and I'm not sure. 

You're not sure, or he's not sure? 

What difference does it make? You might get to have me back! Well, if you change a couple of things about yourself for me. 

What?!?! Are you or are you not moving out? 

I told you, I need a couple of months to make up my mind! My stuff is still here, can't we just cuddle? 

While you think about him?

Why do you always do this? I'm here now! 

That's pretty much how it feels being a Chargers fan this morning. They went to LA, got some strange, got sent home when LA was done with them and now they want to crawl back into San Diego's bed with the smell of LA's dick still on them.

Titty sprinkles!

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