Friday, January 8, 2016

About last night...

My favorite thing about her is the way she never makes me feel like less for simply being myself. That was a thought I had last night.

I was watching a rom-com last night with TGB. Well, I was watching, she was sitting there playing with an app on her phone wondering why she married a sissy-pants who gets sappy at the not-surprise ending when everyone lives happily ever after.

But she watched it with me. She always does. And, while she mocks good naturedly about me being a weeper, she never gets mean or belittling. In fact, she never gets that way about any of the stupid things that amuse me. And I am amused by A LOT of STUPID things.

I like horror movies, too. I say that not to gain some man-cred back but, as a point of reference. She hates horror movies. But if she sees one or a documentary of one on the guide, she'll record it for me.

I like that about her.

There is a lesson in this little story boys and girls.

Oh, and the blowy-uppy movies? She loves those. Especially if they have Jason Statham. Oddly, she prefers watching those alone. What's that about?

Titty sprinkles!

You miss Drunk Duck.

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