Friday, December 4, 2015

Turd rhymes with nerd

Turd rhymes with nerd even though one is spelled with a 'u' and the other an 'e'.

Once when TGB caught me talking to myself that was the topic of conversation in my head.

I am very derp.

Dexter shall henceforth be known as: DERPSTER!
I spent all night until 0300 playing Diablo with my best good friend (if you didn't read that in Forest Forest Gump voice I don't want to know you). First off, I love that fucking game. I only have it because we learned the hard way that we could not play Mass Effect in co-op so we went on a Game Stop spending spree. Second off, holy shitballs I wanted to kill Kris more than a few times last night.

Oh, I have a new power! Let me see if I like it more than the one I have now.

Pauses gameplay to look at new power. Sees old powers that she has decided multiple times through the HOURS of gameplay that she did not like.

Hey, what are these?! 

You already saw those. You said you don't like them.

I did? Hold on, let me read the descriptions.

Again. *picks up phone and plays Nemo for awhile*

That was a fun time is what I am saying.

Titty sprinkles!

Sing it if you know the words...

I'm not dead....

Oh. Sorry.

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