Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trump 2016!

I read a NY Times article this morning about the GOP being ascairt of the Donald actually getting the nomination but, not knowing how to stop it. In a nutshell: they fear his nomination will cost them in the Senate and other, smaller elections in battleground states. And they're impotent to do a fucking thing to stop him.

I am amused by that.

It's alive! ALIVE!

Awwwwww shit, kill it! KILL IT!!!!

We can't captain, we don't have the power! 


The best part of it all is that the GOP concedes, well, at least he's not Ted Cruz.

The best thing that can happen to the Democratic Party this election cycle is a Donald Trump nomination for the GOP's POTUS candidate. With that in mind I say,

Okay, enough politics. 

Yesterday the fart machine had to go in for her check up which meant shots. Aside from being a big ball of gas, Lucy Liu is also a big sissy when it comes to most people. Especially men. She just does not like men who are not me. 

They're both mocking me.

Maybe it's because you're a dainty, almost woman sized man, Rudy.

Fuck you, voice in my head!

So when the nurses at Port St. Joe Animal Hospital were dealing with her she was love and butt wags (she has no tail). As soon as the doctor came in, she was a big ol' fraidy cat. The vet saw her reaction and rather than have me haul her up on the table, he got down on his knees. He took his time, was almost deferential to Lucy Liu, until she was trusting enough to let him do her physical. He was kind of amazing and I was really touched by his willingness to put her fears at the forefront of his handling of her. 

Anyway, I wanted to hug him before we left but, Lucy was all, nope, nope, nope. So we left with just a thank you

Stoopid dog.

Titty sprinkles!

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