Wednesday, December 9, 2015

They say you should have an underlying theme when you write. I say, fuck they.

I woke up tired. It was one of those nights when you dream so damn much you never really rest. In one dream I wrote a kickass rap and music for Public Enemy. No, I cannot remember it. But dammit, it was good.

Let's all agree to simply stop talking about that asshole running for POTUS. You know who I mean. Fuck giving that guy anymore of our collective energy. He isn't worth it and we all have better things to do, Like vote for someone else.

My friend Ben is an amazing photographer and he is auctioning off a cool thing for charity. It's pretty cool. Go bid on it. Then give it to me.

The cancer doctor checked under the hood and said everything looks great. Now we wait on some test results for confirmation that everything is still good and we breathe for the next few months until next time.

One half of our view.
After the appointment we went to Biloxi and met up with some friends. There's a meme going around about meeting awesome people via music, these were two such people. They are also the parents of Drunk Duck!

Hi. I'm Drunk Duck.
There weren't enough hugs. Not because we couldn't hug, or it was weird, or whatever. They're just the kind of people you hug and then want to hug again. And again.

The other day I was talking to Kris about how my life is awesome and a lot of people have this perception that I have a sort of charmed life. I told her that it is funny to me to see where I've been and what my life once was and to realize that it has been as much a nightmare as it is, now, a dream come true.

A little over ten years ago I woke up strapped to a hospital bed and was forced to drink some charcoal concoction. Then I spent four nights in the psyche ward. Long story short, I tried to kill myself by crushing up a bottle of sleeping pills and chasing them with a 12 pack.

My life is fucking amazing and I almost missed it. I think about that awesomeness at random times and just let it wash over me like warm sunlight.

I'm telling you this in case you're thinking your life is shit and you deserve to die. Your life may be hard (I said hard, hehe) but, you deserve so much more. It gets better. I promise.

Just in cases.
It's always an adventure when I start dribbling. I had zero desire to write this morning and somehow I ended up here.

Titty sprinkles!

This one's from me to you:

Play it really, REALLY LOUD!

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