Thursday, December 17, 2015

She's leaving on a jet plane

It's raining in Mexico Beach and 50-something degrees. Winter has arrived.

Today is the one year anniversary of our closing on our home.

The view from Chez Martinez.

True story: I would have an older brother (or sister) if not for abortion. Thank god for Roe v. Wade. I don't need some asshole stealing my thunder.

TGB is packing for the UK behind me. Talking to herself like a crazy lady.

I was just rubbing my blanket all over myself...

I turned back around without saying a word.

I am a little jealous of her going to London (baby!) to see Frank and Ben (and the other Ben) and Charlie. But I'm glad she gets to go. If only one of us can, I would let it be her every time.

Remember boys, if you make sure your woman comes first - IN and out of the bedroom - she will take care of you in ways you cannot possibly imagine. In and out of the bedroom.


I look over and she is rubbing her lip.

I bit my lip! tongue!

I turn back to task at hand.

Who is letting me travel internationally!?!?!?!

Yep, better her than me.

Titty sprinkles.

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