Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kudos, my hero

I like Mike Rowe but, he's wrong this time. He has taken a 140 characters and projected so much more onto them than is there. In a nutshell, he's right about the one thing buried in the post - he's misunderstanding Senator Sanders (I want to believe Mike's smart enough not to simply take him out of context and twist the Senator's words to fit Mike's own narrative).

I like Mike but, he's a part of the reason you'll see so many poor and middle class people vote against their own interest in election after election.

Either way, I like that Senator Sander's is the kind of guy who would engage Mike about the very topic. I have a feeling we'll be hearing more on this in the coming days.

I didn't watch the debate last night. I went to the Mexico Beach City Council meeting. It was packed. No one wants the new hotel they've proposed in town. I empathize with the landowner - it seems he had been promised by previous city council members that he could sell the land to be developed however he wants. Now it looks like it is dead in the water.

The other night we went out to the beach to watch the meteor shower. Saw lots of meteors but, I caught myself looking in the direction of the proposed hotel and wondering if the lights from it would have made the show impossible to see. I'm glad it isn't going up.

The thing that stuck out to me last night was that I was expecting to be the youngest person there. I was the third youngest. There were two 20somethings there and each of them got up to speak, eloquently and passionately, against the hotel. Something about that made me proud. Like, maybe this little town and, by extension, this country, is going to be okay.

Encourage your kids to get involved in local governance, boys and girls. It does matter.

Titty sprinkles!

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