Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's the day before Friday!

I am already cranky this morning. Fucking dogs.

I'll get onto the next thing I am grateful for in 2015 tomorrow. Busy morning. Gonna go do some shit for the homeless, or whatever. I'm a nice fucking person.

Donate here you miserable twat.

One cool thing: the rain has stopped. I may get sunshine for my Christmas tomorrow. That means I will be on the beach for Christmas. The way the Good Lord intended!

I'm grateful for all the new readers of the past year. I think my number is up to six or seven now. I especially love when I get a message from them when something I write really connects with them. When I started this thing I never meant to do more than write in the morning as a primer to get the creative juices flowing so, to learn that any of it means something to any of you is pretty fucking cool to me.

The greatest Christmas message ever
Titty sprinkles!

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