Thursday, December 10, 2015

I was sick so I slept in so shut your hole

Read one article about municipal budgets and have weird dreams about city council meetings and goats.

It could've been the Nyquil.

Yesterday I was ill. Stomach flu or something similar. Anyway, lots of puking and Scrubs watching.

I like Scrubs. Hot Becky is in it. I always preferred Hot Becky over the original Becky. It's weird. Some other Becky comes up when you google Hot Becky.

Some of you have no idea what the hell I am talking about. Some of you are purist and preferred the original, Not Hot Becky.

Some of you are thinking, Rudy, did you see Rosanne and Dan? There is NO WAY they could have a daughter as hot as Hot Becky. 

That is true. But it's television and I can suspend my belief in reality for Hot Becky.

Remember when they brought Not Hot Becky back? That was when I stopped watching.

Titty sprinkles.

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