Friday, December 18, 2015

I think I have a crush on an underage cartoon character in a funny hat

I shot my load prematurely yesterday. Today is the actual anniversary of our house closing.

Ominous as fuck

Ever since Facebook started doing their year-in-review photo highlights I got to thinking about doing my own top ten list for the year.

Since this is my blog, my 2015 top ten list is going to be all about, well, me.

Starting tomorrow I'll include one of my ten favorite things of the the past year.

Yes, yes I know there are still a few days left for magic to happen. If that happens I'll add an 11 or 12. It's like you guys don't even know me.

2015 is up there in my top five favorite years so paring it down to ten things is rough. And this isn't going to be one of those this thing happened and it was great because some of the awesomeness that happened in 2015 is still happening or happened weaved throughout the year or is a person or people who have been awesome throughout the year.

It's been that kind of year. One cancer relapse scare, countless nights of amazing music, friends who make this life richer than Pharma Bro could ever hope to be, adventures, love, laugher... so much fucking laughter.

The good outweighed the bad by a landslide.

TGB is on her way to the airport to board a plane to London (baby!) as I type this. I suspect that is a thing that will make her top ten list.

The gratitude I have for the last year is almost impossible for me to express. And I am acutely aware that the good times are as fleeting as the tough times are temporary. So I just want to spend the next few posts appreciating this amazing stretch of my life.

Titty sprinkles!

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