Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I hate that country!

The internet spoiled the new Star Wars. I saw a byline about whatshisname on someone's Facebook/Twitter/G+/Whatever and realized the movie's surprise was now in my brain.


Know what I did?

Nothing. Because I am a fucking adult who understands that when I log in the world wide weird, I do so at my own fucking peril. The internet does not have to cater to my inability to get to the movie theater before I log-in.

People whining about spoilers make me want to spoil EVERYTHING.

Bob's Burgers is a thing I am grateful for in 2015. I know the show has been out longer than just this calendar year, but I only started watching a few months ago. This coming after years of nagging from my best friend.

Specifically, I am in love with Louise Belcher. Not Kristen Schaal, Louise Mothereffing Belcher.

Such a fucking romantic.
The astute cool among you will recognise that the last several days worth of titles have all been quotes uttered by Louise. The rest of your all wonder what the fuck I smoke before I write this crap.

Louise Belcher is my spirit animal. When I die and go to wherever the fuck it is that I am going I hope she is there.

It's a weird thing to be grateful for - an imaginary character on a cartoon show. But, you know, when someone writes (creates) a thing that makes me think, holy shitballs that is exactly how I feel? That's Louise Belcher.

If you do not watch Bob's Burgers please, reconsider. If you refuse to reconsider, please, go fuck yourself.

Titty sprinkles!

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