Monday, December 7, 2015

I forgot to do my hair this morning.

I think when I hit 1,000 Dribbles I am going to release a book with my favorites. Go start a kickstarter or gofundme for that shit. Yes, you!

Last night Obama threw down the gauntlet and dared Congress to pick it up. They won't. They're mostly cowards.

Today is the dreaded cancer check-up. I try not to bother TGB with a million are you okays? But I know it's a thing that plays on her mind and nerves in the days leading up to it. My hope is that the last week of having the coolest person I know (not named Samantha) visiting us has kept her laughing a little. My hope is also that the last minute spontaneous trip planning to London to see a concert has helped keep the noise somewhat at bay.

Instead of praying for her, donate a dollar to a charity. Any charity. That helps more than talking to your imaginary friend.

My best friend, Kris is also leaving today. It has been a too short week.

That's how you know you love someone.


The time you spend with them is never enough. 

Sounds stalkery to me. 

Love stalks. That was left of the bible in the final draft, but it was there. 

You're stupid, voice in my head. 

Love is also stabby, sometimes. 

I said shut up! 

If someone you love tries to leave you and you stab them and they stay then you know they really love you! 

I am not stabbing anyone. 

You totally should.

Titty sprinkles!

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