Saturday, November 7, 2015

When you gonna live your life right

You ever hear someone talk and think, that person needs a colonoscopy bag attached to their head? What I'm saying is, I woke up thinking about Lorne Michaels this morning.

I'm not protesting SNL because of the Donald appearing as a host. I don't watch that shit show and wouldn't have been watching anyway. And no, if you watch it tonight it doesn't mean you're a racist. It does, however, mean you have shitty taste in comedy. You should feel really bad for that.

That said, I'm just going to sit back and wait for the time Lorne Michaels has Mel Gibson on as a host with a special guest appearance by Michael Richards..

Until then, remember that some racism is, apparently, still okay in this country.

And if that fucker steals my shit for brains gag I will be pissed!

I think I am going to start taking Drunk Duck with me and posing her for pictures all about town and on my future adventures. She sits here on my desk sloppy drunk waiting for me to take her out. For so long I've been worried that she'd embarrass me but, then I realized, she just wants to have fun.

She just a wanna have fu-un.

If Drunk Duck don't come, winter don't come!
Titty sprinkles

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