What the hell is an Osweiler? A vacuum? A dog breed? What is it?

I just walked halfway to my desk with a pot of coffee before I realized I might want a mug.

I feel like Drunk Duck looks.

It's that kind of morning.

Happy Cyber Monday.

I have a '57 Chevy Pickup in California waiting to come to Florida. For giggles I googled price quotes. Mistake for two reasons: 1. I feel like an attractive woman surrounded by drunk Florida State football players; the transport companies won't fucking leave me alone now. And 2. Holy shitballs is it expensive.

I may just rent a truck and trailer in May and drive it back my damn self.

Remember yesterday when I wanted the Chargers to blow it for Bosa? Yeah, the decided to win. Assholes. Fortunately, they play Denver next week so hope for a top three pick is still very much alive!




It would be my Christmas miracle!

Do me a solid, if you're planning on spending money on people for Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus, spread some of that shit to mom and pop small businesses.

China gets enough of your cash.

Better yet, spend all your holiday cash on small label musicians and comedians!

Titty Sprinkles!


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