The world is in dire need of a dance party

My friend wrote this yesterday and it was very cool.

Did you read it? Good. Now, on to today's Dribble.

I had this boss once, a tiny Jewish woman with glasses and a huge laugh; she was a nerd, a goofball, a wonderful human being. When I had only been working for her a short while she called me into her office. It had been a particularly stressful time and I was a little worried that maybe I had screwed something up.

I entered her office.

Good, you're here. Close the door!

Closed the door.

She turns up the music and shoots out of her chair.

We need to have a dance party! 

So we danced because, that is what you do at a dance party when faced with the power of certain personalities there is simply no way to refuse. Had she decided it was a crochet party I would have knit a fucking sweater.

When the song was over (I wish I could remember it now) we may have danced to one more song, or not. When we stopped dancing she gave me some sage advice: sometimes you just need a dance party. 

I went back to work smiling. The truth is, we had lots of dance parties while I worked for her. Sometimes I even had them by myself at my desk. I still do. It is the perfect reset button.

I woke up thinking that this world needs to stop whatever it's doing, crank it to 11 and just fucking dance for a few minutes.

Stewie Griffin shaking his ass on my ass.

Holy shit! Just saw a guy walking his kid on a leash outside my window!

Titty sprinkles!

Now dance, motherfuckers!


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