Something about Elmer's Glue

Went out with some friends to a local eatery last night. Was having a good time until it happened.

What happened, Rudy? TELL US!!

Calm your tits, Becca.

A family with fucking children walked into the place. The kids were all happy about the stupid video games hootin and a hollerin (apparently, they hoot and a holler in the south) as they got settled into their table. They were two tables down from us directly in my judgmental line of sight.

Ugh, I fucking hate kids, I said to my buddy Matt. Who has kids. Who aren't fucking annoying. Weird, cuz he is, but his kids are totally chill.

Our night went on and I would sometimes hear obnoxiousness, look up and mutter, I fucking hate kids.

Thing is, the kids were chill. The drunk adults with the kids were the ones hootin and a hollerin. At one point two of the grown men got into the NASCAR video game (I told you, it's the south) and literally lifted the fucking thing off the ground as they were sitting in it.

The kids aren't the fucking problem, Matt pointed out. I hated to admit it, but he was right.

I fucking hate drunk rednecks.

Titty sprinkles.

For my friends in the UK.


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