I miss you Monterey

Florida's governor whateverthefuckhisname is declared that the overrated state of Florida will not take any refugees.

Meanwhile, the Golden State has opened her arms to refugees.

You make me proud, California.

It guts me that I am going to have to turn in my California driver license for a fucking Florida one.

All my life as a Californian I have heard about how Florida is just like California. Some even insisting that it is better. It is neither.

Yesterday I got to hear two simpletons discuss matters of great import: You know Owbummer (yep, she really called him that) is gonna screw us into taking these refugees right here in Florida and we are gonna end up with more terrists (again, she said it) than shit.

I was not aware that shit was a unit of measure. Apparently, in Dixie, it is.

Also, fuck you red tide!

Oh yeah, the red tide has taken the one awesome part of being here and turned it to shit (adjective, not unit of measure).

Taken from Fort Ord facing Monterey.
My friend Corey wrote this awesome thing about Fallout 4. We used to do a podcast together. He's a good kid. You'd like him.

Titty sprinkles!

I really do hate Led Zepplin.


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