Friday, November 27, 2015

Food hangovers and Christmas trees

Since before we were married I would decorate the house for Christmas for her (except for the tree which we would decorate together) while she's at work. She is off this time. And we have a Brit with us. I am okay with this break from tradition.

I want to go to shopping centers with my camera and just record the stupidity.

Speaking of shopping, I created a website for a local artist who makes some really beautiful stuff... jewelry and plush toys and whatnot. Also, everything she makes is one of a kind so you'd truly have a unique gift for whomever you buy for and I am a big fan of supporting local artists. Anyway, go check out  Creations By The Twins.

I want to keep writing because I have a stack of dishes waiting for me.

I also have pie waiting for me.
Yesterday I realized that the NFC East is so fucking awful they barely count as an actual professional football division. As bad as my Charger, they could easily win the East.

This has been an unexpectedly, especially awesome Thanksgiving.

I am happy.

I have a food hangover. You know what I mean. I ate so fucking much last night that my head is cloudy, almost gravy-esque, this morning. It's a real thing. You can look it up.

I am going to go have pie.

Titty sprinkles!

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