All mean naught and everything

I love music.

Movies are my religion.

This is the most true line ever spoken in any movie.
Grand Canyon
I like a bit of everything. Big budget blowy-uppy flicks, gut wrenching tear jerkers, chick flicks, rom-coms, horror movies, classics, slapstick comedies, Fred and Ginger... everything. Just fucking everything.

I love stumbling across movies I've never heard of in the middle of an afternoon and falling in love with it.

Safety Not Guaranteed
I love coming across movies I've seen so many times I know every line by heart. It's like running into an old friend who gets a part of you no one else does, every line an inside joke just between the two of you.

Bull Durham
I really love the ones that remind me of the people I've lost. The right movie brings them back so fiercely I swear I can hand over the popcorn and hear them crunching as they chew.


Life as a House
I'm a sucker for a girl who makes extraordinary maps,

and stories about boys and their dads.
More than any other movie, I love movies that are mine that I get to share with someone else for their first time. On the one hand, I feel very much like I am giving them a small piece of me. On the other hand, I am very much judging them. 

It's okay not to like the movies I love. It's not okay to be too stupid to appreciate it. I will break up with you then. 


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