Thursday, October 8, 2015

Your lovins hurt! YOUR LOVINS HURT!

My sister's a bitch! 

I said that a moment ago when I was informed I would have to miss an Oingo Boingo dance party because of her stupid wedding rehearsal dinner.

Calm your tits, Baby Girl, I didn't mean it. That you know.

Can't believe she won't be a virgin very much longer.
I am getting rectally probed at this very moment. Send help!

I don't even know what just happened. I was sitting here minding my own, giving you good people that thing you need for your morning poop when, BAM! I was violated with a finger up my bunghole!

Proof! Her finger is in my no-no place!
I need to go shower and wash away the sin. I'm a dirty, dirty girl.

Now my violator is mocking with chants of TUSHY! TUSHYYYYY!

Titty Tushy sprinkles :-/

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