Friday, October 16, 2015

Travel back down that road

Tomorrow we head to LA. Today I get rid of the mongrels. I'll miss them. I always do.

I'm also going to dance a happy dance out of the dog borders.

Haircut, packing, Mass Effecting.

I play Mass Effect as a woman character. At first I did it because girl power. Then I discovered hot girl shower sex. I thought, hot. Also, pretty fucking progressive for a video game. Dunno if there is guy on guy action, but I plan on playing ME 1-3 a few more times and I'll get back to you.

In yesterday's dribble I mentioned a Russian theater. I googled Russian Theater in California yesterday just to see if there are any (there are). Today, I am getting bombarded with Russian Bride pop-ups. Fuck you, google.

Yesterday I had three songs get stuck in my head: Lovely Rita, The Thoroughfare, and...

More favorite than the shower scene even.

My your sprinkles endow all the titties.

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