Just between you and me

Came downstairs, got coffee, sat down, TGB brought me another coffee. I call that a win.

I may be a little jittery at the end of this.

This one tastes better than that one. She was not as amused as I had hoped.

So when did James Woods get full blown furtada on us? I should be careful or he might sue me for thinking he's a dipshit and saying as much online. Yeah, he sues internet trolls in his spare time, too.

I'm not fucking Matt Damon, I'm just finding myself mentioned with him a great deal by a stalker. I'll take that as a win.

I hate when TGB is on night shift. My bed is huge and empty. Sure, I get a lot more done creatively, but I still mope a lot more.

Last night I threw on some earbuds, cranked some hideous glam rock from the 80s and worked on some stuff. Poison, bruh!

What? No. I never listened to Poison. I never learned the chords to Every Rose and used it to score with the ladies. Nope. Never saw them in concert. Never finger banged a freshman with Cee Cee DeVille blonde hair. Nope, not me.

Titty sprinkles!


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