Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's a California mornin'

I miss the Pacific.

I woke up this morning from a dream about it. I was with The Gorgeous Blonde and her parents walking through a town made up in my head. It was a cute little town with cute little shops and a Russian Theatre. We stopped and had lunch next door and I left them there for a bit while I went to the Theatre and perused the book section. I bought a Chekhov play and book by Uta Hagen. Both of which I own in the real world. I went back to the diner and joined the family for lunch. The view overlooked a delta that lead out into the pacific. The smell of California hit me and a Tears For Fears song came on in the diner. We walked outside and I did that walk that's almost a run to the bridge over the delta to catch the sun setting into the pacific. I held TGB as the sun said goodnight to California and we headed to the Forum for a Tiffany concert.

Tiffany sold out the Forum.

I think my brain misses California more than I realized. In a few more days I'll be back there and the usual attempts to slow down time will begin.

At first I was really excited about concerts and friends made on the boat, and while I really am excited about those, I am really starting to well up at the thought of seeing my siblings and old friends. I want to spend my first Sunday with my brothers talking shit about my horrible team as they play dad's favorite team. I want to see my friends and their stupid fucking adorable kids. I want to explain yet again to my friend Steph why he's wrong about all things political. I want to an Eve hug (she gives the best hugs). I want to hear my buddy Jeff's voice tell me, well, anything. I want to see friends I've known most of my life, the people who make up the bigger parts of me.

I won't get to see everyone I want to see. Unless Kris and Charlie drive their asses down from Monterey. But I will get to see them in May so I have something to look forward to.

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