It wasn't even like I was phased by death

When accountability is seen as an infringement of a Right, we set ourselves up for what happened yesterday in Oregon. Mandatory waiting periods, universal background checks, even getting licensed to demonstrate you know how to handle a firearm safely (and yes, different gun types, different licensing requirements) are all reasonable expectations and will likely save lives.

Rudy, that won't stop all the killings. 

No, but it will certainly save more lives than doing fuck all. 

Also, get the NRA out of Washington and fund the ATF to do their fucking job. The brilliance in the NRA is not that they lobby to get laws taken off the books, it's that they lobby to defund the enforcers of the laws they don't like. Now all the idiots with NRA stickers on the back of their pickup trucks can, very ironically, scream that we don't need new laws, we just need to enforce the laws we already have.

Turns out In God We Trust isn't worth spit because that imaginary man in the sky is busy with awards shows and sports events, so maybe get off your ass (or your knees because praying hasn't worked the hundreds of other times this has happened) and write your legislator. Tell your friends to do the same. Or do nothing and feign surprise and heartache the next time this happens. Just know you, me, we the people are all culpable in the next one. As long as we do nothing, we will always be partly to blame.

I'm angry.

Also, if you clicked on the link above you'll notice it's a story about a guy who tried to help others during the shooting. If he can sacrifice his body to try save a life or two, you can sacrifice a few minutes on your fucking keyboard and write to your damn Congressman.

Here, I'll make it easy. Click this link right here: US House of Representatives 

Now enter your zip code and voila, you will have your Representative's contact info. Guns is one of the drop down in the Please choose the issue of concern subheading. It's that simple. I just did it (again).

Multi-tasker as fuck!
Have a nice fucking day.


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