Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Is Garth Brooks even still alive?

My friend Chantel writes a blog. It's good. I wish she wrote more often.

I used to host a comedy open mic in Monterey. Monterey is a rather international city. One night a group of very cool people from Norway came in and watched the show. After the show I hung out with them and we closed the bar down.

Anyway, now one of those awesome Nords is a Roller Derby girl and it is pretty badass.

Kjempefin promo for Oslo Roller Derby!

I don't understand a word that was said, I just know badassery when I see it.

My buddy Cody is sitting on a beach  in Cabo doing a fucking Comedy Festival. I love that kid, but he's an asshole. 

I have some pretty cool and interesting people in my life is what I am saying. Go check them out. 

I hate TGB working night shift. She does it every other month. I sleep alone in a big bed. On her days off she sleeps during the day. Our nights off are cool and fun. 

That said, I think I am going to do some roadwork in the months she works nights. I'm looking at booking for February. No, I will not be going to fucking Montana in February, are you crazy. The preliminary plan is a couple of weeks every month that she is on nights. 

Now I am going to make some french toast. And maybe rub one out. 

Titty sprinkles! 

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