Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Young girls they do get woolly

Melissa Stark tweeted at me last night. This, of course, set off grown men fanboying out like little girls at a boy band concert.

Today I am off to paint the en suite. I typed that with an exaggerated eyeroll. French is not American.

If I can get it all done today, I may do the other two bathrooms. All that will be left will be a hallway and the landings. Those may never get painted.

New Dribble design. A glimpse into where the snarky magic happens.

I suspect my brothers and sisters with children are going to send me strongly worded emails asking why I only have one of their progeny on my office wall. Pictures of your kids are scattered throughout the house. I swear. As soon as I print them out and hang them the day before you come visit. Also, lemme know a day or so before you come visit.

Ducky was originally supposed to get the girl in Pretty In Pink, but Molly Ringworm had a problem with that and they changed it.

I have a theory: The ghost of Thespis was not amused and decided wreak havoc on Ringworm's career while allowing little Duckie to flourish on the little screen; first on 2.5 Men, and now on NCIS.

When was the last time you remember seeing the Ringworm on anything?

I rest my case.

Thespis is not to be trifled with.

Also, I may, or may not have just watched Sports Night.

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