Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You never poop when you say you will

There is something about my yard that makes people think, hey, this is a nice place to just hang out. 

Old Man and The Sea clone was just standing in my driveway, straddling his bike, smoking a cancer stick while playing with his old timey Nokia phone.

Of course, this meant one dog wanted to play with him and the other was deathly afraid of him. Neither wanted to pee or poo. I hate dogs.

That damn face. Okay, I love dogs again. But, fuck they are annoying.
Someone posted a picture of NFL players from two teams praying together after the game. I caught myself thinking, grown men, talking to an imaginary friend after playing a child's game.

It struck me as odd is all.

Also, god doesn't care about football. And if he does, he's likely they guy who was a Niners fan in 80s, a Cowboys fan in 90s, and a Tom Brady fan now. We all know that guy. That guy's an asshole.

Human, fetch my poo!
I need to take the little assholes outside again now that Capt Ahab is gone.

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