Friday, September 11, 2015

Watch the world come alive tonight

Photo Credit: Me, goddamit, I took this fucking picture from my awesome seat.

I love that everyone hated on Tom Brady last night for being an alleged cheater because of a fraction of a PSI of air, but not one dipshit cared that the other team has a two time alleged rapist starting at the same position. Dipshits.


Wake up at 0200-ish, eat breakfast, drink coffee, write dribble, shower, get on the road by 0330. At 0345 I realized it was 0445 because I had not accounted for the extra hour in the EST. TGB drives... faster, shaves 20 minutes off our estimated time, Get to airport, board our plane just on time, go to Miami. Land. She has a mimosa and I have water that is apparently a gay drink because, well, I may every drink gay. Fuck you, Rick, the Iggles suck. Get on plane, sit nowhere near one another. I read a book that makes me vacillate between tears and rage (Halt of the Sky) and eventually fall asleep. TGB is beside the bathroom and her head is leaning post for 2.5 hours. Land in Boston, it takes an hour and a half to finally get into our rental car. Get on the road in the rain. Bostonians know how to fucking drive in the rain - I am looking at you LA. Get to the hotel, unpack, have food, walk to the beach in the rain because fuck you rain. Get on a bus with a bunch of awesome people. Lots of laughs later we arrive.

These guys, fuck yeah. 
DKM rocks the fucking house. The game starts. Tom has to quiet the crowd. At some point 80,000 people ask the question, where's Roger. Fuck that guy with your mom's double sided dildo. I meet a guy named Robbie. Robbie wants to know why Marshawn Lynch isn't playing. He's serious. He's hammered. TGB racks up a massive amount of points because she started Tom Brady in the League Of Morons. The Pats win. We go home.

I hurt from laughing so fucking hard.

This fucker, right here.
I fucking love good people. Last night I was drowning in them.

I have to go play golf now.

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