This video is more for me than you

My day started out so promising. I was at the beach before 0700, TGB joined me shortly thereafter (it was her idea), I fished, she read, I saw lots of awesome things like stingrays and a fish that decided he was staying wherever I went. It was good.

Then I got home. A certain dog decided she didn't like me being away and dumped in her kennel. Then laid in it. I had to clean it up. As I type this I can still smell dog poop. Probably on my fingers and now on my keyboard. Time for a new laptop!

Guess who is about to get a bath outside with the hose?
I wish I was a cat person.

And no, don't tell me why cats are better. Cats aren't pets, they're barely above vermin. I have never been to a cat person's house and not been able to tell they own a cat without them having to tell me. Yeah, you think you have the smell covered, but you don't. I have met tons of people who convinced themselves that their cat doesn't make their house stink; I have never met a cat person whose cat didn't make their house stink.

Your cat can suck a bag of dicks is what I'm saying.

I may be projecting.

But your house still smells like cat piss.

Titty sprinkles.


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