Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is more than love I feel inside

Woke up and watched The League. I am going to miss The League. Katie Aselton once retweeted me. So I got that going for me. Her husband is one my favorite writer/directors on the planet. He is also on The League. Mr. Katie Aselton I think his name is.

Yesterday I wanted to make the world a better place. Then came word that I am likely doing a show for some people who do amazing work on cancer in February. That's cool. Got my good deed covered for 2016. Nice to have that done early.

I pretty much mark every sponsored post no Facebook as offensive spam. Every other post seems to be an ad anymore so, fuck 'em. Facebook is really getting annoying with that shit lately.

Did any of you watch Scream Queens the other night? If you didn't and you like campy, over the top horror flicks that know how to poke fun at themselves, watch it. It was hilariously inappropriate fun.

The look I give when TGB walks into a room?

Little known secret, Emma's character was based in part on TGB. #Truestory

Two words: White Mammy. Yeah, people were butthurt about it. Yes, media outlets whined about it. But, you know what? It was fucking funny. In the words of John Riggins to Sandra Day O'Connor, lighten up, it's a party. 

Titty sprinkles.

Let's get Thursday going with some god awful music we all know the words to.

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