There is dancin' out there

Most mornings I wake up with a song in my head. Some mornings the song makes me wish I had stayed asleep This is one of those mornings.

I am convinced line dancing was invented to give white people with no rhythm an excuse to get on the dance floor.

Dear stupid people who posted that goddamn bullshit Facebook hoax, you owe me $5.99 each for putting up with your dumbasses. Please deposit money into my PayPal account.

Okay, I have not used my PayPal account in awhile and THAT was a pain in the ass. By pain in the ass, it took more than two minutes.

Prepare to see a lot of California in the coming days.

A year ago today I was in an empty house with TGB and a dog just returned from my last trip to Vegas. It is a weird thing to realize I have been in Florida almost a year. Still feels very foreign sometimes. Other times it feels almost like home. I like being away from the world. Of course, if I was a rich man I would be a little further away like, say, in the Seychelles. But whatever, this place ain't bad.

Did you know that Mexico Beach is actually an island. At least the part of MB where I live.
  1. 1.
    a piece of land surrounded by water.
Yep, we're surrounded by waterways on three sides and the ocean on the fourth side.

The Gulf, Rudy. It's the Gulf, not the ocean. 

Yes, I actually have had more than a few people tell me that. Stupid people who don't understand that a Gulf is a water peninsula. That is, it is a large body of ocean or sea surrounded by land on three sides. A sea or ocean can be a gulf and a gulf is always a sea or ocean. Dumbasses.

Titty Sprinkles.


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