The world has turned around again

Chargers won the first game of the season. They made it harder than it had to be, but they wouldn't be the Chargers if they just beat teams without giving them a head start.

I fell asleep ridiculously early last night. I was exhausted after an amazing weekend. I woke still not sure I didn't dream it all. Then I remembered the tears after hearing the stories from the kids who were helped by the Claddagh Fund. The addiction overcome, the lives rebuilt, the opportunities provided where once there was only heartbreak.

Then there was the tribute to Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan that left us all on our feet and in tears.

It was a weekend that restored much of my faith in humanity. It may have even inspired something.

Our fearless leader on this epic adventure.
And I haven't even talked about the people I met and reunited with over the weekend. Sure, I got to meet and shake hands with some famous people like Bobby Orr, Ken Casey, Kevin Chapman... the list goes on, all gracious, all awesome human beings, but I also got to meet and spend time with some pretty maybe-not-so-famous amazing people.

Scott and Deena, two of the most generous, fun loving, warm people you could ever meet. Plus, Deena is a 80s nut like me. If the world was full of more people like them, this world we live in would be a decidedly better place.

Sam and Liz had TGB and I laughing so hard our abdomens and faces hurt. Before I drifted off to sleep on our last night in Boston I was still saying, dirty and dirty-two and giggling my ass off. Maybe you had to had to be there for that one to make sense.

There was Meghan and Caroline. Meghan has become a bit of a hero to me. She spends her life housing the homeless. I could write an entire Dribble on just her and how impressive she is to me. She is inspiring. Caroline's story reminded me a lot of my own. She just got it, you know? The way a kindred spirit gets you because they've been where you are.

To top it all off, I got to have reunions with Salty Dog cruisemates Seth and Yvonne, Kevin and Kimmy, and my favorite, Jake Sullivan. So fucking good for the soul.

This is where I usually make some smartass comment to attempt to bring it back to comedy. Not today, boys and girls. Today I just want to relish in the beauty and wonder of my life.


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