Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pope Nope

Got an email that my tattoo appoint has to be postponed. I am not happy, but it gives me an excuse to come back to LA in the spring. I suspect I will feel the sadness even moreso as TGB sits in her artist's chair and I hear the buzzing needle start up.

This is Chaplin. He is my best friend Kris's dog. My tattoo made me think of him because I was getting a tattoo of Charlie Chaplin. The dude this dude was named after because he looks like a little tramp. I call him the Ugliest Dog In the World. Kris calls me an asshole.
The upside is I now have two days open to do stuff while I visit in LA. Which is really good because I was really stressed about how much time I was going to spend with people. It also sucks because now I have less built in reasons not to see people I really wanted to not see.

I have to paint today. The downstairs bathroom. If you ever sell your house and paint in a cheap flat matte color before selling it, I hope you lose your ass on it.

The pope is coming to the states. This song is for him.

Titty sprinkles.

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