Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Please don't take my heart away

TGB came home yesterday evening. I showered and everything.

Texas, being the soul sucking vortex that it is, left her exhausted. She may sleep another few hours.

I hate Texas. I really hope the Chargers stay in San Diego so I don't have to become a Texans fan. Of course, if the Chargers move to LA AND the Texans win Superb Owl 50, the promise to become a Texans fan becomes null and void. I will not be seen as a frontrunning bandwagon. One of my brothers and one of my sisters did that with the Cowboys in the 90s. The rest of us mock them relentlessly. They never get invited to shit.

There are six of us Martinez children. I can see you trying to figure that one out from here.

Anyway, if the Chargers move and Texans win it all I dunno who my new team will be. I may just become a roving fan. Or take up fishing on Sundays.

New header for the blog? 

Nobody blogs anymore, Rudy.

No, nobody does your mom anymore. And that's only because she's old and ugly. 

You're an asshole.

Your mom's tits touch her knees. 

Please don't move, Chargers. I don't want to be a sad penguin.

Titty... no, no titty sprinkles today.

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