Lunch time edition

I've had a busy morning and I haven't had time to write until now.

Shut up and be grateful I'm writing at all.

It's weird to see people saluting TGB. No, not because I am a misogynistic pig who thinks women have no business in uniform (although, between you and me, I prefer that uniform on the floor if you know what I'm a sayin'). It's just... we're walking and talking while she's in uniform this morning and enlisted folks are saluting her and I'm just thrown off of our whole conversation. At one point (and I think she missed it) I started to salute one of the enlisted as he saluted her. In my head I was all, dammit me! 

So yeah, that was fun.

So Yogi Berra died. My dad was a baseball nerd and I learned a lot about the history of the game from him and books and Vin Scully. As a Dodgers fan I hated the Yankees. As a baseball fan, I loved their history and the characters that made up their once great teams, including Yogi. And, while I honestly thought he died years ago, it's kind of a bummer that another great has gone to the big cornfield in the sky.

I still hate the fucking Yankees. And they haven't had anyone interesting on their team since before TV started broadcasting in color.

Titty Sprinkles

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