I've had better sex in jail

Before I start, go to the Claddagh Fund website and donate. I have become incredibly impressed with what they do and you'll be donating to a great cause.

I golfed yesterday. Badly.

Also, I had so much fun doing it. That counts as a win.

Also, the view did not suck.
TGB informed me that we are going to be doing this again next year. Suddenly, I see the grand plan of my buddy, Scott.

Bring Rudy and TGB along, plant a seed, and watch it take hold and bloom.

Rather nefarious if you ask me. Now she's all, I wanna change the world, I'm going to stop shaving my pits and start singing kumbaya and saving the world like a crunchy hippie. 


I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat.

Then I'll worry about saving the world.


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