I'm so dizzy

Dog poo stepped into me today. Yes, you read that correctly.

I pooped and the other dog stepped in it and then stepped on daddy! Dogs 1 - Daddy 0!
I swear they are conspiring. I bent down to pick up the poo, Lucy Liu steps into it, looks up at me with her, whatcha doin, mister? look, then steps on my mostly bare, flip-flop wearing foot.

Dear cats, I was wrong. dogs suck. You still suck, too, but, dogs suck also.

Next time I see that Sarah McLaughlin commercial I shall not be moved!

If you get kicked enough times, eventually you grow wary of feet. 

I wrote that so I don't forget it later today. It's for a character I created and the line seems perfect advice for her. I just have to decide who is going to give it to her.

That's what she said!

I have been writing this for 35 minutes now and because Windows 10 doesn't like Chrome I have been locking up and having myriad issues so I am going to end this now.

Fuck you, Windows 10. I will not use whatever bastardized version of Explorer you keep trying to shove down my throat!

Titty Sprinkles!

Happy birthday Lindsey Sterling!


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