If you want my body

I hate my en suite bathroom in the master bedroom. I have painted it twice this week. It was a bigger pain in the ass than that asshole on FB who is always tagging me in puns.

Also, did you guys watch that gut punch BYU laid on Nebraska? That was awesome!

That was some good, clean fun.

Also, Mike Riley looks like Slingblade.

TGB will not make me pancakes. She is mean. But she won't stop staring.

I wasn't kidding
I don't make pancakes! And you know this, mang! 

League of Morons still has a couple of open spots. If it doesn't fill up it'll be cancelled. Which is also okay because I am an especially shitty league commissioner, apparently. I completely forgot the draft was yesterday. Tell your friends, your sister, create multiple teams, whatever.

League of Morons
Password: leagueofmorons50

The draft is scheduled for 7PM EST (that's 6 where I am and, 4 in California).

I need food.

Titty Sprinkles.

Shameless self-promotion.


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