I got magic legs

It's 0230 and I am writing this with one eye open. Slightly.

We're heading to Boston in a couple hours. I am excited as I am sleepy. I am very fucking sleepy. It's for a good cause.

I debated long and hard (hehe) about taking my laptop. I think I will. I expect this to be one of those stellar weekends that I will want fresh in my mind when I write about it. This is truly one of those get in the cab moments. If you have no idea what I am talking about, go read The Road Beneath My Feet.

I am really looking forward to this entire trip; doing good, spending time with friends, savoring moments, laughing and generally this brief time I get on this little blue ball.

Stay tuned boys and girls.

And if my plane crashes and I go out like so-so 50s pop star, just know I love you fuckers.

Now I must away to wash my balls.

Titty sprinkles.


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