I am saving this to watch later

After yesterday's dribble I was taught a thing or two about the Dropkick Murphy's and Irish immigrants. Here's the knowledge bomb my friend Amy B. dropped on me:
When Wisconsin was blowing up because that FUCK Scott Walker was busting 55 years of public sector unionism in the state, DKM wrote a song of protest for the workers ... which makes me proud to be a fan. Also, check out (The Hardest Mile) ... it's the story of Duffy's Cut in PA where Irish immigrants lost their lives straight off the boat after digging part of what's now the Amtrak Northeast Corridor line ... Remains found in a mass grave with bullet holes in the back of their heads. DKM gets it ... and that's why I love them. Hey - I think I just wrote almost a whole dribble piece!
Music. I am about to listen to The Hardest Mile for the first time ever so, hold please.

It's funny to me... it's an upbeat, even perky song about something atrocious that happened to these men. But it builds to a crescendo of sorts and really just rocks the fuck out. I love it.

I've said it before and I will say it again, the Irish and Mexicans have a lot in common. Especially the immigrants. Hell, every immigrant groups shares overlap - from how each was blamed for the ills of the country, to their willingness to do the jobs no one else would, and even to needless numbers of them dying for the greed of other men.

If I go missing, it will be because I took this unauthorized photo just after she woke up.
TGB is awake and down here watching me write. She'll say she doesn't just watch me while I write, but she lies. Also, she keeps interrupting, wanting to have conversation. I haven't had my fucking coffee yet, woman! You know the fucking rules!

Yeah, just glanced back, she's staring all doe eyed at me.

Maybe she's sleeping with her eyes open. 

No, it's the doe eyed thing. The voice in my head is an asshole.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript - I just got called poopface and my love note from yesterday was erased from the dry eraseboard.


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