Heavens to mergatroid

I woke up tired. Stupid heartburn (hiatal hernia) woke me then kept me up. My burps have been stellar.

I took a break from my self-imposed sabbatical of not giving a shit to get into a few chats about Planned Parenthood yesterday. At the end of the day, I took solace in knowing those opposed to PP were ill-informed and, when you peeled away the onion, more interested in legislating morality - ie, women's sexual drive - than saving lives. And they're losing.

The closest an argument came to making a salient point was one friend stating flatly, I just don't want them getting my tax dollars, let then raise money like any other non-profit (paraphrased). I get that and would be more inclined to agree if the gov't just said, here's a chunk of money and handed it over to PP, but that's not how it works. They get federal money from people who use Medicaid as their insurance.

Anyway, I am back to trying not to give a shit until next June. I am sure I will go back on my word and my buddy Charlie will mock me for it. That's what friends are for.

Also, I so have a crush on Rachel Maddow. I love nerdy girls. Always have. You all think I married TGB cause she's hot. Her hotness is just a coincidence. She is a huge nerd. I like the way books look on my shelves. She fucking reads them. What is that about?

She used to wear glasses, which I miss. But she's still a nerd.

Also, Cecile Richards - nerd. Huge nerd.

Guys, can I ask? Why would you ever fuck a dumb chick? I found that dumb in the head means shite in the bed. Maybe I gave up on stupid chicks too soon, but I just could not handle dumb lovers. Especially if post coital convo was ever involved. Ugh, if being gay were a choice, dumb broads would have turned me.

I had some thoughts while pooping yesterday
Titty sprinkles!


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