Get it in the hole

On this date in 1787 the final draft of the US Constitution was presented to and signed by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Effectively, this is the day that the greatest written document was born. I'm kind of a fan.

I think I want a Bill of Rights tattoo. Placement is the issue for me. My right forearm makes sense, but it's a puny forearm.

I busted Tom Brady's balls yesterday for supporting the Donald. Most people didn't get the joke. (I was overreacting to something less than insignificant the way all the other dipshits did over a fraction of a pound of air in a football). I am sad most people missed that and took it at face value. Also, it may not have been very funny. In my defense, I was hangry when I read the article.

My team's QB has supported Rick Santorum in the past and I still love tolerate him. I don't give a shit who Tom or any other athlete supports so long as they don't fuck up my fantasy team.

Just take the ball and stuff it in the hole. - Cris Collinsworth
I have to go google Bill of Rights tattoos. And drink coffee.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, their supporters are not the problem. The guy sitting on his couch saying, it doesn't matter is the problem. That's the asshole who should be offending you. When people bitch about the government, they often forget that we the people make up the largest part of said government.

Titty sprinkles.


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