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Charlize Theron is gross.

I used to believe no one would ever be as beautiful as Michelle Pfeiffer. Then Charlize came along and was all, bitch, please. 

Don't get me wrong, neither of them holds a candle to Audrey or Bacall, but they'll do for this life.

Charlize is on my television talking about helping young girls her home country of South Africa with AIDS prevention. Wow, she is really spot on and kind of brilliant. The bitch made me cry.

I hate her.

Go like her CTAOP Facebook page.

I normally never watch television while I Dribble - usually I do this in the office. This weekend my laptop was, well, on my lap and it never made its way back to the office.

All this talk about Volkswagon makes me want one. Also, it makes me want to buy Volkswagon stock now that it's cheap. It won't always be.

It's raining. His and her highness won't go bathroom if it's a downpour. His and her highness are locked in crates in the garage so they don't shit in my house. We'll keep trying til they actually do poo.

Okay, I need breakfast and coffee. And Quantico. Prianka Chopra should be the only woman singing on any football show. Carrie Underwood is just so bland.


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