Saturday, August 8, 2015

You just roll over

It's my mother-in-law's birthday. TGB sent her flowers. Flowers remind me of Baba Wawa Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond. And attics.

I spent most of yesterday beeboping to the new Frank Turner album. I suspect I will be for days, weeks, forever.

Technology has this way of pulling people apart. I've had people stop being my friend because they learn things about me they wouldn't have otherwise known if not for technology. Being the cynical asshat that I am, I tend to focus on that.

Last night I was reminded that technology, when used correctly, can make this world infinitesimally small.

TGB and I were being our boring, middle aged selves when, from four thousand and five hundred miles away, we start getting video of the Frank show in Londontown. Before the copyright police come knocking on my door, this was sent just to us and not going on any public platform. That said, suddenly we were right there next to that asshole Charlie enjoying the show.

 You'd like Charlie. Then you'd want to be more like her. Then you'd want to kick her. Then she'd say something like peanut butter and you'd want to keep asking her to say words. Technology brought her and a few other friends very close last night.

Yay technology!

Look, it's a duck and a Flogging Molly chip. Oh, and TGB and a cheeky Brit.

It's the first weekend of the NFL preseason. Just out of the frame of the above picture is my Dan Fouts autographed card and my Junior Seau card with a piece of a game worn jersey. I always planned on going back to Canton for Seau's induction. After his suicide that desire was put to bed.

One cool thing - my baby brother is there (watching the parade as I type this) and he has poster for me. He's a good kid.

In the words of Ahnold: Go Chargers!

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