Would you like to dance around the world with me

My friends are all posting pictures of their progeny going back to school. I'm sitting here thinking, sweet, the vermin are all off the streets again. Not your kids, of course. Yours are my favorites and I love when they do whatever it is they do wherever it is they do it as long as it's away from wherever it is I am.

I slept like crap, woke up early, gave TGB a hug and kiss, went and took a nap and now I am wide eyed and and perky. Minus the perky. Or wide eyed. I'm awake, fuckers. That's all you get today

I went to swim yesterday morning but the daily storm had already rolled in. I have learned that Florida is #1 in lightening strikes and shark attacks. I am all for taking my chances with either of those, but not both at the same time. It looks another storm is rolling in now. Maybe I will get to the water before it hits.

My sister-in-law is awesome
Nothing deep today. No new artists to share. I have to get back to writing a thing I am working on. And client meetings. And coffee. Fuck me, I need coffee.

Piss off.


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